What's up Wanda?

by Joyce Delaney

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"When you're wearing rose tinted glasses all the red flags just look like flags"

Recorded by King Boab (No One Knows Records) in a variety of places


How can there be so many red flags when we've only hung out twice?
I heard bad chat about your in the street, and worse chat from you in the sheets.
What the fuck is your problem?

Well at least I know where to go now, if I ever want my self-esteem destroyed again.
If I had to guess I'd say you act like you this "subconciously" on purpose
I should've listened when they warned me off.

Any relationship where there's a clear power dynamic in terms of interest must get burned!
'Cause how can somebody thrive in their own life if they're constantly worrying about whether you even think about them?
And I know I should really push you for answer, rather than wait until you make up your mind while putting up with your bad behaviour.

But it's just hard because I like you and i don't want mess this up by pushing you too much
But you are an adult and responsible for your own behaviour and you should really know better than to treat me like this, to treat me like this...

So make up your mind, you've had so much time
So make up your mind, you've had too much time..

And now you're just leading me on, so i'll still be here when you're drunk enough to fuck me
And let's just be clear that is not fair when you know how I like you.



released April 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Joyce Delaney Glasgow, UK

Joyce Delaney are so over your shit.

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